About Me

My name is Stuart Noble, and I’m a Software Engineer…profile

Tinkering and experimenting with computers and software is something I’ve done as long as I can remember. I remember the first program I ever wrote was to create a tessellated pattern on a BBC Micro model B. I was the kid the teachers called on to fix a broken printer. I was the only person in the music class who ever turned on this bad-boy. As a 16 year old, what I most wanted for Christmas was one of these, in to which I installed a hard drive with a dizzying 200MB capacity!

In 1999 I graduated with an honours degree in Computer Studies from Solent University in Southampton, England. I began my career at a small local web development company that specialised in building websites and intranets for media organizations. Prior to that I’d only tinkered with HTML, so I was excited to get the experience in something that was obviously going to change the world.  While the Y2K bug had a lot of people in a spin, I was happy to be working in something new and exciting.

That role really defined my career. Following on from there I continued in web dev, moving to the United States in 2002 and taking the opportunity to reinvent myself as a C# engineer. The skill took me in a new direction, enabling me to gain experience in digital media, business systems and analytics, e-commerce, and digital security.

Today I enjoy leveraging my experience, and continuing to expand my knowledge of software and technology, to drive engineering architecture and design practices at eClinical Solutions.  I enjoy building strong processes that help further our commitment to the quality of our software and the value to our customers that it provides.

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